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My Picture Gallery is now online….

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 6.06.17 PM


My picture gallery is finally online…. and they’re optimized for mobile viewing. That’s right, be it viewing thru a desktop, notebook or most mobile phones, it should adjust automatically for the best view. I’ve limited the max viewing size/ quality though both to optimize download speed and limit their (the pictures’) usage…. That’s all for now.

Eureka Moment?

Mission accomplished? Well, not quite but I’m happy with the current development so far. The answer to my previous dilemma regarding WordPress or not? Well, the answer is 50/50 and that seems to work out just fine. Still don’t get it? Well, I’ve decided to use WordPress as the main engine for the blogging part while using another dedicated web-making software for the rest. The WordPress part will be integrated into the website which I intent to further develop in time to come… I’m liking the integration so far, though my contents are mainly text. So hopefully pictures, movie(YouTube) etc will do fine.
This is my first post done via a mobile phone and I’m jumping with joy at this milestone. More will come…

Progress has been slow….

I’ve been trying but seem to always bump into obstacles… I’m unsure why but I have not been able to get the ftp working from inside the wordpress dashboard. The only way for me to get around it is to first download contents like themes, plugins etc on to my desktop and later upload it manually into their respective directories online, where I’m hosting this wordpress blog… Yup, that means I won’t be able to do a lot of stuff on the go as I’ll need a proper desktop or notebook to do downloading, extracting, uploading….. eeerrrr!!!! (totally not what I had in mind in the first place). So, I’m desperately trying to figure out what I got wrong. Maybe I just need to google harder. Yup “google” it away, it seems to be the most used web-search for quite a lot who claimed to have done hours of “research”… yadda yadda…

Anyway, I’ve now put up a new theme after some long work around… I like the current look. However, I’m also having serious doubt. If I have to  maintain my website via a desktop or notebook, I may as well use some more flexible or powerful software to do it. This is still playing in my mind and I’ve already have those software standing by in my hard drive… Still, wordpress’ strength in its mobility is very enticing as the main thing that had kept me from working my previous sites was the need to have a desktop or notebook. So, it’ll all boil down to whether I can figure my way thru… I really hope I can…

Updating my website

Finally, after years of hiatus… I’ve finally decided that my personal site needs updating. Being away and not maintaining a website, I noticed I’ve gotten all rusty when trying to do a website again… I’ve forgotten most of the terms or the “how tos” in website making… Also, gone were the days where one could simply create a website using Apple’s WYSIWYG web creating software: the iWeb. Even though it didn’t publish directly to an external host, and maintaining a blog with it wasn’t exactly user friendly unless you subscribed to a dotmac “.Mac” account which later evolved into MobileMe, I must admit it was still a lot of fun using it… It simply creates website that pops.

I’ve used the wordpress before in the days when I was still actively doing website and blog but now it seems so alien to me. I think I’ll just have to spend enough time to learn it again if I wish to maintain a wordpress blog site. I like wordpress. It enables you to post and edit your blog from almost anywhere… I’m testing it out to see if this will be the final thing I want on my site. It may seem bare now but in time, I’ll brush up my skill and make it nice.

Enough said… Stay tuned for the upcoming new: