Updating my website

Finally, after years of hiatus… I’ve finally decided that my personal site needs updating. Being away and not maintaining a website, I noticed I’ve gotten all rusty when trying to do a website again… I’ve forgotten most of the terms or the “how tos” in website making… Also, gone were the days where one could simply create a website using Apple’s WYSIWYG web creating software: the iWeb. Even though it didn’t publish directly to an external host, and maintaining a blog with it wasn’t exactly user friendly unless you subscribed to a dotmac “.Mac” account which later evolved into MobileMe, I must admit it was still a lot of fun using it… It simply creates website that pops.

I’ve used the wordpress before in the days when I was still actively doing website and blog but now it seems so alien to me. I think I’ll just have to spend enough time to learn it again if I wish to maintain a wordpress blog site. I like wordpress. It enables you to post and edit your blog from almost anywhere… I’m testing it out to see if this will be the final thing I want on my site. It may seem bare now but in time, I’ll brush up my skill and make it nice.

Enough said… Stay tuned for the upcoming new: vincentthu.com